Nervous System and Autodesk : 4D Kinematics Dress at CES 2015

Nervous System and Autodesk Debut Second 4D Kinematics Dress at CES 2015


Introducing 123D+ Sculpt

Creating New Forms, Skeletons, Shapes and Easy to 3D Print with Autodesk 123D Sculpt+ for IOS and Android


EMBER 3D Printer powered by Autodesk SPARK

Introducing EMBER, the first 3D Printer by Autodesk powered by SPARK, the first open 3D printing software platform, designed by Autodesk® to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing


ARC Workshop Indonesia 2014

Still hasn't activate your copy of Autodesk Education License? Join US on a short-workshop and we will help you activate your copy of education license.


Fusion 360 - Engineering Design in the Cloud

Engineering Design is a hard and demanding job. while some aspect is true, now you can ease yourself into the world of engineering design by using a cloud tool provided by Autodesk.


Free Autodesk License for Student and Faculty

If you're an active student or faculty in Indonesian education institution, you can get a 3-year license per version of your Autodesk application software for free.


Autodesk Recap

Reality capture software for 3D documentation with Autodesk Recap


New Autodesk Resource Center 2.0

Download and Activate your Autodesk License for Education Institution. Now in Stand-Alone version


AU Extention 2014 Indonesia

Save the date for Autodesk University (AU) Extension Indonesia 2014


Autodesk ARC Program

Free Education License for Indonesian Education Institution from Autodesk through Autodesk ARC Program and additional benefits from Autodesk Academic Adoption Partner


3DS - Autodesk Education Assistance Program

3DS is offering Education Assistance Program for Education Institution who join the ARC Program


Installing ARC License

Having problem installing an ARC License? here's some pointer


Autodesk 2013 Product Suites

2012-05-17 10:27

Autodesk has recently released their annual release of their product, dubbed with
take design further tagline. True to their nature, Autodesk has extensively released
almost all product updates on their huge product line early this year and firming up
on product grouping using the Design Suites model, which combines several products
on suites offering.

Design & Creation Suites

Comprehensive Workflows in a Single Economical Package
Autodesk design and creation suites provide comprehensive workflows for specific
needs—in building design, product design, entertainment creation, and more. These
compatible sets of software tools and cloud services offer interoperability and
capabilities that leverage the familiarity of Autodesk's leading design and
visualization solutions, in a single economical and convenient package.

 Box Image
Autodesk Building Design Suite 2013
Building Design Suite
Designed for building industry professionals, this suite combines Building

Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD tools to help you design, visualize, and simulate your building designs more efficiently.
 Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite 2013 Autodesk®
Entertainment Creation Suites
Experience the creative freedom of having a palette of industry-leading 3D animation toolsets at your fingertips
 Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2013 Autodesk®
Factory Design Suite
Design, optimize, and communicate the most efficient factory layout before any
equipment gets installed
 AutoCAD Design Suite 2013 AutoCAD®
Design Suite
Extend the power and flexibility of your familiar AutoCAD workflow with tools to
help you create, capture, connect, and showcase your designs with impact
 Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite 2013 Autodesk®
Infrastructure Design Suite
Comprehensive software solution combining the tools to plan, design, build, and manage utility and civil infrastructure
 Autodesk Plant Design Suite 2013 Autodesk®
Plant Design Suite

Design, model, and review plant projects more effectively
 Autodesk Product Design Suite 2013 Autodesk®
Product Design Suite

3D design, visualization, and simulation software for the entire product design

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