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EMBER 3D Printer powered by Autodesk SPARK

Autodesk Spark

“We want everyone to solve new problems with new solutions with less effort, better results, and greater expression reliably and with confidence and with good quality.”– Jeff Kowalski, Autodesk Chief Technology Officer 


Autodesk has launch a Spark platform program as they called it, meant to be an open platform for 3D printing that will provide building blocks for innovation that product designers, hardware manufacturers, software developers and materials companies can use to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology and accelerate the new industrial revolution.Spark is a complete, open and free platform for 3D printing that will connect digital information to 3D printers. Spark will allow companies to focus only on the hardware aspects of designing the best possible 3D printers that they can, while letting the Spark platform do the rest, specifically by

  1. Shortening the path between digital content and hardware, greatly improving information exchange between design software and the printer

  2. Optimizing design before production begins

  3. Providing open APIs that that will enable a broad group – from materials science companies to crowd-funded startups – to access and innovate the 3D printing pipeline

Since the program beginning, Autodesk has announced partnership with several 3D Printer hardware maker like Dremmel and Ultimaker (an FDM based technology 3D Printer), Matterfan (Metal 3D Printers), HP (which will launch their own 3D Printer product as soon as 2016) and services like emerging projects, exOne, Nervous system and networking partners for 3D Printer Industries like 3D Hubs, 3D Indusri.es and not forgeting the intelectual property bodies like Authentise.


Autodesk also announced the EMBER project, which is a 3D Printing machine which make Autodesk as an hardware vendor for the first time in its history. while we don't know if Autodesk will pursue a lot more resources on this hardware venture, it clearly shown its interest in making a footprint on its own on the 3D printer hardware landscape. 

EMBER 3D Printer by Autodesk


From the first views of the EMBER machine, it runs with a DLP-driven technology machine and its likely using a liquid resin as its core materials with a built platform that can make model in 6,4 cm x 4 cm with 13,4 cm height. it clock 15 mm/hour at 25 micron layer height although it can print until 10 micron height and it will ship at early 2015 with a USD 5.995 price tag.  but we will see in the future how EMBER will hold its own against the other hardware maker. Autodesk also sets the Explorer Edition of EMBER with first-time use kits to make it easy for its first time user to begin printing.


EMBER Technical Specs