Intoducing HP New Jet Fusion 3D Printer at Drupa 2016


HP has finally reveal their 3D capabilities after so many years in rumors and development. I seen the machine for the first time in HP Hall 17 at Drupa printing show at Dusseldorf Arena Messe 2016. Occupying the whole hall, HP has come in force and fill the hall with a lots of printer and product showcase not to mention the stellar theater-like presentation.

Tuck in the right front section of the hall is HP new foray into to the 3D printer business. HP spouted 2 new version of its printers, the 3200 and 4200 series printer which differ with sizes and capabilities.

HP Jet Fusion

HP Printers is a powder based variant of 3D Printers that can print model to 406 x 305 x 406 mm volume and building speed to 3500 cm3/hr to 4500 cm3/hr. The main difference with all the other powder based variant is that HP use infusion technique instead with the material shelf life of almost 18 months and in testing, the machine can print to 20 micron with 1200 dpi print resolution (x,y).

HP Jet Fusion inside

HP Jet Fusion its comprises of 3 base unit, the printer itself, the build unit and the processing station, meaning that printing and processing can be done in separate rooms.

Although it can only print black color at the moment, HP shows some of it color capabilities that they will add to these machines in the following upgrades. 

HP Jet Fusion Printed Parts1

The machine itself will be available for shipping to US and Europe market late 2016, while Asia will have to wait until 2017 and it will be for sale in the range of 150K.