Education Assistance Program for Education Institution

Since the announcement of Autodesk Education Community Program for Indonesian Education there are quite a significant number of Education Institution in Indonesia is joining the ARC Program. The program itself is ranging from the secondary education (K-12 to Vocational School) to higher education such as Universities and Sekolah Tinggi.

As the program is in it's second year, there emerge some difficulties implementing the program or adopting the pipeline to the school curriculum, hence the Education Assistance Program is emerged. dubed the Autodesk Academic Adoption Partner when it's first release, partner around the world has starting to engage education institution on best practices in adopting 3D to their school curriculum and executing the lesson plan.
For a modest investment, 3DS will helped by offering an assistance program to the education institution in Indonesia by implementing a 3 options model:

01. Software Implementation Assistance

this start from registering school to Education Community and help to download and activate the server license to the computer lab, sometimes we also helped on adopting the Autodest Education Community program for lecturers and students to get their free license.

02. Technology Integration Assistance

this start as we looked at the existing curriculum and with the cooperation of the education institution team, we will help to developed an adoption curriculum (ie. building lesson plans, datasets, etc) and help to supervise student's project implementation to a given class and also give out assessment to them if necessary.

03. Operational, Training and Certification Assistance

this program is when we start to helped the operation of the class, it can be as giving out assessment to the lecturer's and help them to certify to Autodesk Professional Certification up until the Autodesk Certified Instructor program. This can be done also for the student side, from giving out Project Completion Certificate to a project successfully implemented on a given class to the Autodesk Professional Certification.

Typically, we will engage the model by signing an MOU (either University level or faculty/major level) to implement either one of the options above or combinations of it. MOU generally last about 3 years with the option to extend if the program is still available and with consent from both party.


Certification is the way to go with the introduction of Badges system. When you are certified with one of autodesk software (Autodesk Certified User or Autodesk Certified Professional), it nows allows you to put badges to your social media accounts. Imagine to have everybody knows that you'are an ACP when they see your badges displayed on your email and social media accounts.