Comprehensive Protection


  • Combines an Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, Firewall and Web Filter in a single solution.
  • Uses multiple layers of detection including heuristics, behavioral analysis, and signature detections.
  • Protects against new threats with the advanced MX-Virtualization technology for real-time malware behavior analysis in a virtual environment.
  • Firewall includes an intrusion detection and prevention system that contributes to a safer computing experience


Light and Fast


  • Extremely lightweight, offers the most efficient use of memory, disk and CPU usage.
  • Utilizes a high-speed threat scanning engine, can scan large volumes of information at speeds much faster than the competition.


Central Management


  • Central management through the Deep Freeze Cloud web-based console or the Faronics Core console makes deployment, configuration and management of updates a breeze
Works with Deep Freeze


  • Integration with Faronics Deep Freeze ensures effortless anti-virus definition file updates on “Frozen” workstations